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What is mindfulness?  Mindfulness is simply being aware of the present moment.  Oftentimes our thoughts are caught up in dwelling in the past or worrying about the future.  When we learn to let go of these thoughts we can live a freer life.  Research shows that regular mindfulness practices such as meditation, yoga, mindful breathing, and relaxation techniques can reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, help to manage stress or pain, and lead to better overall health.

My work is influenced heavily by mindfulness principles.  This means that mindfulness impacts how I approach my work with you, even if I am not using these techniques in our sessions together.  I am happy to incorporate specific mindfulness techniques into our work together.  I am also available to teach you or your child various strategies for managing stress, anxiety or depression.  I have extensive experience using relaxation exercises, guided imagery, and breathing techniques with both adults and children.  I have led mindfulness groups for college students at Montana State University and for students in elementary schools.  I have also published articles about mindfulness in academic journals, see references below.  If you are interesting in incorporating any of these ideas into our work together please let me know. 

Published articles in peer-reviewed journals:

  • Campbell, J. C., & Christopher, J. C. (2012). Teaching mindfulness to create effective counselors. Journal of Mental Health Counseling, 34, 213-226.

  • Christopher, J. C., Chrisman, J., Trotter-Mathison, M., Schure, M., Dahlen, P., & Christopher, S. (2011). Perceptions of the long-term influence of mindfulness training on counselors and psychotherapists: A qualitative inquiry. Journal of Humanistic Psychology, 51, 318-349.

  • Chrisman, J. A., Christopher, J. C., & Lichtenstein, S. J. (2009). Qigong as a mindfulness practice for counseling students: A qualitative study. Journal of Humanistic Psychology, 49, 236-257.         



(Photographs by Peter Morgan, Free Mindfulness)









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